Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's the thing.

If you think that you are falling in love, or at the stage of turning head over heals over someone very crazily, then you better stop for a moment and think twice.

Careful, and take note.

Watch a porn or two, please yourself. Go on touch yourself even more.

Cum !

And when you are done with it. Think again. Think whether you still love or like that someone or not.

As sometimes when you are super damn horny, your mind just wouldn't think straight and you will tend to make silly mistakes.

Desperate moment will call for desperate measures.

Got it ?



Leo Nut said...

Totally agree!! The second the libido is satisfied dont get the urge to couple and all..

Twohornschild said...

Haha... i get what you mean. It's just too bad isn't it, that one would feels so isn't it?

Danny said...

as long as you dun regret doing it.. then should be ok la.. just enjoy the ' mistake '
cheers :)

ooi2009 said...

ur fab , sigh.....:(

chaiminhuei said...

Learn from mistakes. Love is not just lust.

Chen Xing said...

@Klex: Yup. Those that mean that we tend to be somewhat "horny" most of the time, hence the constant need for a partner to form a relationship ?

@two horns child: Hmmm...and at the end of the day I asked myself: Do I want a d*ck or do I want a man ?

@Danny: Correct. Definitely something to learn from it.

@ooi2009: Yes I am.

@chaiminhuei: I know. Love is more than that. Only that I have yet to find love to suppress the lust.