Monday, November 29, 2010

It's not as what you are thinking right now.

I have been busy.

The past week and the past weekend. Having a little stress, somewhat tiny feeling of depression and a whole lot of work for me to do. Yes, I am back to being busy. Just love it as when you are busy, it challenges you so much that it drives you to just want to complete the work that you are given to.

Busy, part of me feeling guilty.

From the previous entry, I have mentioned that I attended 3 interviews. Well, it's not that I really need to change my current job that badly, but then just trying out my luck here - who knows right ? So, the third interview I had, went pretty smoothly. People were friendly to me, and we had a nice chat overall. Not sure, but then if the pay is what I am asking for and they do want me in, then I might just jump to that agency. A little relief in me as without those job interviews keeping me occupied, I think I'll highly be depressed till dead.

Smile and laugh, thank god I am happily alive and very much pumped-up right now.

Busy, part of me feeling happy.

Somehow, the start of this week gave me a whole new inspiration/motivation to work. Despite seeing me substituting love with a lot of food last weekend, I am ready to be inspired again and get my act back together. I have been given a task to come up with 2 set of proposals for my client. Just can't wait to see the end results. Plenty of research to be carried out, a lot of crazy ideas to pour in. Just makes you think that, when feeling inspired, life is just so so exciting to live.

Well, getting sleepy now. But then do trust me, despite being busy, blog updates will still carry on.

So this is all about the work and the busy bee, me.


Aiden said...

You seem to like the third interview more. Lets hope you get what you want =]

"Just love it as when you are busy, it challenges you so much that it drives you to just want to complete the work that you are given to." << Totally agree with this!!

Glad to know that you're doing fine now. Despite being busy of course. Although being busy is good I think. =]

tuls said...

time passes by very fast when youre busy..

no time to even think of love, sometimes shit also no time.. ahahahaha..

busy = money coming in(sometimes) = good!! :) wahahahaha.. random..

savante said...

That last bit of work pile-up before Christmas! :)

Chen Xing said...

@A: Yup, indeed. The environment is just so fresh to work in.

@tuls: Hahah, agree agree. Whether money is coming in or not, I am not sure...

@savante: Yup. Few more weeks to go.


Jon C said...

Hehe. yay. I'm not the only one. I'm super busy too :(

Sigh. Loads of things to do esp it's year-end. I only have time to leave comments... :P

Chen Xing said...

@Jon C: You take care ! Busy, but do take some time off to relax. Alright ?