Friday, November 19, 2010

Few years back, I expressed myself creatively through what I coined as "visual communications". Pictures or artworks, I like to post up beautiful things that when you look at it you will just be satisfied and smile. That explained why I so love to be the star of my own pictures that much, and during my free time I just caged myself in my room and spent countless of hours in front of my laptop designing stuff or even editing pictures.

That was then.

Now, I find myself expressing my creativity or my thoughts through words. Hence the passion for blogging. I want to take it as a medium whereby, not only I can pour my heart out but then also to put in some creative writing into it. It's time for me to balance things up as in order to stay creative, you got to always feed yourself with creative materials.

Was taught to look at beautiful things, but then never once told to appreciate words.

I am glad that now, I am sort of know what keeps me going day to day basis. Though have yet to really understand the full purpose of life, but then to me, now it's like a small step of revelation to making my life meaningful. Despite what I am going through, all the sadness, drama, depression and confusion, I am just glad that I still have you - my creativity.