Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When you are small, you are asked to describe your ideal man (traditionally this question is directed to young girls). Time changed, but then the age old question still remains the same. With the answer, serving as a guide to young people out there in finding their true love.

May it be Mr. Right or Prince Charming, girls and gays tend to answer this question with many positive attributes to the unknown lover that they will get in the future. You must be telling lies if you said, what's matter is the heart of the person. Take that as the first level of the answer, slowly dissect it and trust me, you are either superficial or materialistic.

To answer this honestly, I would say that I fall to the superficial side of the story. I look at the person's appearance first, that is his face then only to other personalities he projects, and then of course to his perfectly toned body, sense of humor and so on.

As much as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the "superficiality" level  in one's mind can't be judged or being compared with others. So happens that, that one guy is like the hot type to the majority of the crowd, then will I be viewed as highly superficial? Or if the look of the guy is not likely to appeal to the majority of the group, then will I be viewed as having no taste at all? I don't think so.

Some will just skip everything on the outside and dig deeper to the inside. Digging deeper to the man's pocket. They will go for the money as they believe it can make them happy. It will definitely buy you happiness (not forever though), at least enough to make both of you happy throughout the moment you two are together.

So in order not to overly stress on either side of the "stereotypically-labeled-criteria", one must know how to balance these two when finding a perfect lover to start a relationship. Meaning, not so superficial and not so materialistic.

Just my thought though.

So, to all the beautiful people out there, enjoy the video link given!


tuls said...

hahahahah.. im also superficial.. i guess everyone is superficial lor to one certain extent.. if you are not superficial then you are not human lor.. but superficiality is also subjective mar..

materialistic is a totally different story lor.. if that someone is born rich then things might not be the same.. hmm.. dono lar..

im both.. hahahahaah... slutty me.. hahaha.. used to be la :)

Aiden said...

I guess you're right. I mean, afterall we do want the perfect person. And the perfect person has to be good looking.

And if you must categorize it, I guess I too would be considered superficial. No one can impress me by money even right now.

But I think even though I'm superficial, the attitude of the person matters more. Atleast to me. Oh well, I guess it's a controversial topic.

Btw, I love reading your blog :)

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: I am also liking both, but then on the surface I am superficial.

@A: I mean, I will still consider other factors which build up the perfect lover. And couldn't agree more that attitude also plays an important part here.

Hehe, thanks.