Thursday, November 18, 2010

The reason why I am here once again, is to wait for him to chat with me. He said that we could chat tonight as he was busy at work just now. His messenger is on, but the status is put to away. His Facebook chat, sometimes he is online and sometimes he is not. At least that's what I am observing.

Chatting with my colleague and she suggested that I should probably get a hobby to focus on, or simply just focus on my career if it's any easier.

So here it goes:

I always have a flare for fashion. I love beautiful clothes, I like to see models on the runway, I am keen to know how to make clothes and I am just so thankful for the art.

Always, when we are working, we question ourselves with the "what if" question. What if I took the other road instead of this one, or what if I study this instead of that? Life would totally be a different story. In a way, somehow we self-doubt ourselves, questioning the current situation that we are living.

It's alright as sometimes, having a Plan B dream proves that we are well prepared with great possibilities. So for me, career wise, I don't really know but then somehow fashion is like the other field which I want to explore. Not that I am well verse in it, as I personally believe as long as there's interest in it then I can make it too since advertising and fashion does have something in common. Both fields, just so compatible - making things presentable.

If I am in fashion, I would totally be a:

1. Stylist - I just love all the mix and match thingy. Making one looks good, is just so rewarding to me. Not easy as you'll have to keep up with trends, study your client well and an overall eye of perfections.

2. Fashion Magazine Editor - Okay, maybe editor is a little too ambitious. As long as I am in a publication side, I am happy with it.

3. Runway coach/model - Which ever turns out, I just want to strut my stuff. But then I don't think so I am fit for the latter one.

4. Fashion Designer - Yup. Everything that got to do with art and designing, better holler my name. Though I know that making clothes is no easy job, I just want to get creative.

I know it sounds gay, but then again it's the field where most of us belongs to. I guess that's all I can think of. Just another set of opportunities that I am keen in getting myself to grab it. Who knows, 10 years down the road, I might switch field.


tuls said...

good!! if you switch then i shall switch from medical line to becoming a singer :) hahahah.. its my dream! well.. used to..

Chen Xing said...

Having a dream is a good thing. Alright then, we'll see in 10 years time.