Monday, November 15, 2010

OMG! I can't believe it that I spent almost 2 consecutive days to watch this drama.

Well, I have watched it before way back in high school and somehow wanting to watch it again as I need to find something to relate to. I got to be honest that the lead actor, Won Bin, is just too adorably cute and hot and sexy.

I like the story line and now I am slightly even more depress. As I am only in the midst of the perfectly pictured happy ending portrayed towards the end of the drama. Though, there's a lot of ups and downs in the movie, indeed well worth the time watching it. Try watching it alone. I cried at certain parts of the drama. Simply too touching.

Here's the first part of the drama. If you have the time, watch it.

I don't know. But then I am wishing for a happy ending myself too!