Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What happened to last week ?

I packed my bags and I left. Traveled up north, back to a place where I always call home. Though the last time I went back was merely two weeks ago, the feeling of being at home is always that comforting. You
forget all about your worries when being with family.

Glad to be home again.

I got to admit that I was pretty tight up the past week with work, hence the short hiatus of blog updates. Finishing up the proposal requirements and also going through few important documents before signing off. Perhaps I am just trying to get things in order, before the start of  the very much anticipated new year.

Somehow I am coping with the December pace. Don't know whether it's slow or fast,  relax or busy ? Being at home also made me kind of lazy. Feeling sort of laid-back and when I wanted to type something in this very blog of mine, I found myself walking away from the computer just to catch up with all the people in the house. Maybe I am just being selfish as I just wanted to be with my family than to write a blog entry.

This is the last month of the year. Move just too fast but I am glad that it's going to be over soon.

It's now early December, still it's never too late for us to accomplish resolutions which we have vowed to fulfill. Make the most out of it, wish all luck !


Aiden said...

Ooh. I hope you had fun at home :)

tuls said...

just go with the flow.. no need to do resolutions all.. hahahahha..

Chen Xing said...

@A: Yup, I did. Enjoyed very much the short trip back home.

@tuls: Following the flow, but then not always.