Sunday, November 7, 2010

So finally the day comes.

It's my birthday today. I enjoyed the past 2 days, not really sure what I'll be up to today. Perhaps I am going to continue indulging myself with great things making it a memorable one, though this year without my dad wishing me Happy Birthday.

I am glad that I am now a year wiser. As much age is just a number, still I can't deny that I am a year older. Nothing much to wish for other than the well-being of myself, family and friends.

I was expecting a Birthday wish from him, thought he will text me or call. So far, nothing yet. It's alright. What about a wall post in Facebook? Still waiting.

Will probably blog about my Birthday in another entry.

Happy Birthday!


tuls said...

happy birthday CX!! :) if thats your real name la!! :)

Aiden said...

Happy B'day!!

Don't let anyone or anything let you down today.

Hope your wishes come true. Have an awesome day!! *hug*

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: That's my real name in Mandarin.


@A: Thank you.