Sunday, November 14, 2010

Imagine having a partner for almost 8 years. Happily together for the first few years of the romance, later on, it turns into an actual serious commitment.

No more love, no more passion.

Reason being together, is again commitment. Having to pay for mortgage, car loans and other shared expenses. Hence, opening up their relationship into something what we termed as open-relationship. Both will find their on fuck-buddy and make-out. To one extreme, one might even try to con build another set of "relationship" with another person, further expanding a deceiving web of relationships which in the end brings no meaning to either party.

Tell me, is this love or just an excuse to get laid with strangers?

How can one, if their love to each other is so strong, committing this sort of sinful act? What is an open-relationship afterall?

Somehow it's funny, in a way I am glad that I am single though very much am ready for a relationship right now.

Here am I finding myself sleeping with the player all over again though my heart now is focusing on someone else. Committed a sin? But then I am single, and the player is not. Who is the great sinner now?

All I know is that, if you are in a relationship, then there's another set of rules to follow. A different one. One which binds us even closer with our partner, whom we love and adore.


tuls said...


Jon C said...

Reading that whole post twice or maybe thrice, Chen Xing.. reminded me of myself.

I was like you. Wondering is this really love? Being together with someone who's not ours to have. Esp if it belongs to someone else.

As for you and the player, it's not wrong nor right. How often do people do things right or wisely?

We just wait for time to slip thru our hands. Likewise, I've had a player too, only that I love him in a different way now.

Aiden said...

I know how such a commitment feels like. But I'd never opt for an open-relationship.

As for right or wrong, I feel that the "player" is wrong. Just how I feel.

Totally agree with the last paragraph.

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Care to say more? Don't really know how to interpret your comment.

@Jon C: I used to want the "player", but then after few moments with him I just realized that I had enough.

Gained valuable lesson.

@A: Yup, why be in a relationship when you want to open it up and not treasure it with one another.

tuls said...

amen to the last paragraph.. im sticking to that too :)