Saturday, November 6, 2010

It was indeed a glamorous Friday night for me, attending a fashion show as well as hanging out with my friends for supper, later on.

Typically, Friday nights would be my movie-day. Going to cinema and catching a movie. But then, the recent Friday was a little different in tune.

Thanks to the invite by my colleague, I got to be her plus one to one of the shows in conjunction with the Malaysia International Fashion Week (M-IFW). She was reluctant to go at first simply because it's not really her thing, but then knowing that I am kind of a fashion-person, she asked me whether I would like to accompany her. Thank god I did. Not only that I got to see the celebrities who came to the show, I managed to catch a glimpse on that uber sexy designer who was also there showcasing his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Yes, it's Bernard Chandran. Damn sexy! Instant orgasm when he walked up the stage. Those tank top, tight brief, and the sheer sarong and not to mention his ripped body - most gay guys would just want more from him. Too bad, he is married with 5 children. Just kept me thinking, how he balance the yin and the yang in his life?

Themed the 'Asia Magic Gala' Night, 5 top local designers participated in the fashion presentation. Overall, the collections, to me are still a little "high-society" for the Malaysian culture. Most of the pieces, yes it's indeed nice to wear but then somehow it's more to evening, didn't see the whole range by the designers. Though it's more to a haute-couture/avant-garde collection rather than a ready-to-wear/commercial collection, I'll have to admit that secretly, I am loving few pieces shown on the runaway.

But then again, who am I to critic about fashion at this very moment. It's all in the matter of taste and self-preference. The best fashion advise I could give is "to let your personality be the clothes you wear". As simple as that.


Jon C said...

"Let your personality be the clothes you wear.."

That sounded just right :)
Hope you're enjoying the rest of ur weekend yea

tuls said...

happy diwali CX!! i was there too :) too bad we dint know each other :) hahahaha...

justin k said...

OMG, that sounds awesome! You HAVE TO TELL ME MORE!

Chen Xing said...

@Jon C: That's the whole truth. Why follow trend, if it's not your personality.

@tuls: Aww, where were you seated?

@justin k: Sure, we'll chat in msn. Hehe..