Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yup, this is the final weekend.

The final weekend before the Chinese New Year celebration.

A lot to be done. Thank god tomorrow is not a working Friday for me.

Woohoo !

So, will be doing a lot of things and running around completing errands.

Perhaps it's the extended weekend that's making me somehow euphoric. Though the past few days hasn't been good - work wise & health wise. Somehow, am just being negative and let it drag my me down.

Work wise, a challenge that I'll take up and trust me, before I leave for the break you will have your stuff ready !

As for my health wise, am feeling much better now. Only a tiny weeny little feverish only.

So, what's the to-do list for this extended weekend before the big Chinese New Year break ? Lets see:

  • A hair-cut. Just a trim, to make sure that I look well-groom come next week.
  • Sending the car out for a wash.
  • Getting some gifts for my 2 adorable nephews as well as for my niece.
  • Shopping. Yes, the last minute one. Maybe will buy few more clothes. Or maybe accessories such as bag, belts or maybe undergarments.
  • CNY stuff. For dearest Mommy - she have asked me to get her some stuff. So got to go get it for her.
  • Mani-pedi. If time permits, will go for a session on this. Fingers got to look good when receiving the red packets.

Hmm. What else I missed out ?


Danny said...

huat ahhhhhh...
c u after u come back la :)

are-5th said...

ouhhh seems like there's still a lot to do :)

and i'm jelly because you are not working today ....

Leo Nut said...

Mani Pedi?? Haha, didn't expect that! Buy more undergarments!

Ash Godiva said...

omg my comment on the previous post disappear@.@

hope you get well soon and happy new year

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Haha, same to you also. See ya soon.


@are-5th: And it's already Sunday now. On the bright-side, 3 more working days and I am off for my CNY break.

@Leo Nut: Undergarments ? Haha, why ?

@Ash Godiva: Which comment ?