Saturday, January 26, 2013

Omg, it seems like forever.

Nearly a week I have abandoned this blog.

Not updating - mainly because I am back home busy with the pre-Chinese New Year prep.

Yup, got to accompany my mom to here and there. Buying groceries, decorations and helping up at home with the Spring cleaning.

2 more weeks, and it's a brand new lunar year for us.

As far as the preparation goes, I think everything is on track. Couple of things, a little here and there and we are ready.

It's going to be a "cooking up a storm" moment come 2 weeks time, and I just can't wait.

Family being together, relatives coming by, red packets, good food & all those CNY treats.

How about you ?

How's the preparation coming along ?


Unknown said...

Being lazy fellow and feeling guilty now after read your post. I shall start help my mum now xD

Danny said...

takde la prepare so much ..
just bought some bajus, and prepare angpow for my parents n my nephews/nieces.. :)

Da Closet Guy said...

I haven't cleaned my room and my house. Don't think will be doing so... @•@

Ash Godiva said...

shin y:you're good boy now *pats shin y's head* XD

Chen Xing:yes my own mix but the face mask i didn't use for long time,i use the oil mix only

tuls said...

its not a celebration in UK, so tak prepare anything, so easy so cheap no need to waste any money! :)

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Y: Yup. Hope the preparation is almost done to usher in the new lunar year.


@Danny: So done with shopping already ?

@Da Closet Guy: Aiks, maybe just go hire the hourly maid and get them to do it ?

@Ash Godiva: Ooo...I see.

@tuls: Then, what will you be doing the first day of CNY ?