Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sob sob.

Less than 2 weeks away to the brand new Chinese New Year and I am down with fever.


Was having a terrible migraine and fever for the past 2 days.

Got back here, and went to see the doctor immediately as the on-off heat on the body came to an unbearable state.

No appetite for the past two days, and feeling lethargic. A slight movement, seems like a canon ball bouncing in my head.

Yup, that bad.

Today, after taking the medicine, I am feeling better. Though not fully recover yet, I am sure that by end this week I'll be healthy again.

Bought myself a cool-fever patch as well as a digital thermometer so that I can keep track of my own temperature.

Till then, I will be drinking lots and lots of water.


Leo Nut said...

=( get well before cny!

Unknown said...

You will get well very fast. *kjsdnkfnkjfn* healing spell ; )

Aiden said...

hope you get well soon (:

Danny said...

poor thing.. get well soon ..

remember, as a vogiu person .. we must stay "HOT" always, but not getting fever ...lol ( talking nonsense ;p )

Da Closet Guy said...

Eii... Be sure to stay hydrated, have some Vit C, fruits and vege. I'm sure you'll be ready for CNY! (:

JokerPJ said...

I thought another kind of heat =P

Can get MC leh... haha

get well soon k =D

Rest means more rest means sleep not more dramas~


are-5th said...

get well soon chen xing! drink heaps of water!

rickycarter93 said...

Get well soon buddy! It sucks when its near the festive seasons to be sick.

are-5th said...

ouhhh 1 tip though(but i never followed thisone =p)

they say that if u r down with fever, do anything to sweat if off. maybe like lying on bed underneath a thick blanket without switching on the fan or air cond. then u'll be ok ady =)

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: Thank you !

@Shin Y: Hahaha, that works.

Maybe next time will use your healing spell as well. Keke.

@Aiden: Thanks.

@Danny: I know. Sometimes, it's just so hard to control the hotness level.

Sigh...I blame the weather.

@Da Closet Guy: Was told by the doctor (kinda cute too, in a way) that not to take fruits.


@JokerPJ: Where got drama ? Am resting, slept kind of early the past few days.


@are-5th: Thanks.

Yup, heard of that too. But the weather was really kind of hot the past few days. So didn't really do that.


@Eric Hah: Thanks ! Where you now ?