Friday, January 11, 2013

Clock striked 12.30 pm, and you were eager to go down.

Freshen up in the rest room, correcting the hair and splashes water onto your face. Bubbly, and presentable.

You patiently waited for the elevator. When you reached ground floor, you walked across the road.

Where to eat ?

Anywhere (or the place he would usually go), so I could be seen (or the intention it's otherwise).

Most of the time, I lost my focus in eating. Eye eyeing else where, like an eagle preying on little rodents.

Spotting him, would be a bonus to my lunch hour.

Rare, I would say. Only once in a while.

Yesterday was different, saw him again and it made my day - sort of.

Today, his birthday. Can't really do anything, but just to wish from my heart to his - Happy Birthday !

And here comes the truth, the guy that I have been secretly having a crush for the past 3 months is attached.


Taken. Attached with a girl.

He's not like me.



Vincent~ said...

aaaa..... the standard sad plu story.

*pats back* don get too dwell up in this. this is bad for your mental well being.

J-boy said...

Dear, we've all been there before :'(

But it's better to know than never right? At least now the healing can begin and the heart will learn to move on :)

MJ said...

The feeling of accidentally meeting someone you have crushed is really awesome...

Ash Godiva said...

i understand your pain,just watch him helplessly:(

Chen Xing said...

@Vincent~: Yup. Correct. Looks like I need to find new eye-candy to look at for now.


@J-boy: It's just that there's little hope(back then) that he's you know...

@MJ: Love at first sight ? Am a true believer of that.

@Ash Godiva: Question is, do I still watch him or just ignore ?

are-5th said...

been there done that.. remember my cursh with my straight best friend? a hell for 1.5 years.

Chen Xing said...

@are-5th: I mean I have little thought that he could be gay.

If I have known earlier, I wouldn't have pursue. Oh well, he did made the final months of year 2012 a little more "sweeter" to my eyes.