Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ahh...that month of the year is here again.

More love, more sex, more romantic-ness in the air.

That's of course on a general term. Somewhat most of the people will do that.

Singles become couple. Valentine's Day is just another ordinary day for me.

I am glad that this year, at least I will be spending it with my true love ones - my dearest family back at home.

Falls few days right after the Chinese New Year, I feel so blessed. No fancy chocolates, doesn't need a bouquet of flowers - being surrounded by each other will be sufficed.

So back to this update, have I ever mentioned that there's this mediocre-hot gay couple staying right next to my house ?

Yes, ever since I moved here - gaydar instantly picked them up and I would say that I am impressed.

Being in their late 30s, the house is the typical gay couple set up. Minimalist design fit for two. One of them is a doctor, and the other can't really guess his profession.

As am always shy, never really got a chance to meet & greet. And I always wonder, behind those curtains - what can they be doing:

  • Hot steamy sex in the master-bedroom
  • Kinky nude cooking in the kitchen 
  • Or plainly just lounging on the couch of the living room watching DVDs while cuddling
  • Others: _____________

It's all just my fantasy, at least I am inspired that they are such a loving couple and definitely a kind of Valentine's story worth fantasizing about.

Sadly, they are selling the house and will be moving out soon.


Guess I got to start looking for a new couple eye-candy to drool at.   


JokerPJ said...

How about arguing about what to wear for dinner? hehe

Come come... hug hug

are-5th said...

How about making a rule that you have to be naked all the time while at home? :p

Damn i need my eye candy ....

Vincent~ said...

you should get to know them!!!!!!!! i would!!1 XD

ets hope tat they r one of ur readers!

Twohornschild said... cute.. Hugs!! Hugs!! Hugs!!

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: Haha, hang on. Dinner where first ? Home or outside ?

If home, I suggest that they don't wear anything.


@are-5th: Yup, yup. Then I'll knock on their door to borrow me some sugar.

@Vincent~: Am too shy. If they are, I hope they comment or maybe smile at me when they see me.


@two horns child: Me or them ? I think they make a cute inspiring couple.

Even my straight housemate told me the other day "Eh, I think the neighbours are gay".