Saturday, January 19, 2013

It was in an enclosed space, dimly lit.

Conducive enough for a brief session to unwind and relax.

After all, it's Friday and a week's of work - a gay guy could use a little fun to start the weekend right.

His ripped and well defined body. I touched his chest and it's tough. Ran my fingers slightly down to his nipples and it was hard as well.

Carried on, going down.

Counting the defined abs of his. 1, 2, 3...6. Yes, the almost 6-pack abs - still can be improved though.

Am not complaining, just overly happy. Charming chap with Greek-like Adonis body.

He hugged me closer to his body while controlling his chin to caress my neck. Could feel the blood gushing in me, momentum builds up and our body touches so close.

The warmth of it was so breezing.

His hand was on me, and mine was on his. Coordinating the movement, we stroked each other till almost orgasm.

Then he stopped and put sliver on his hand, he continued to stroke mine.

It was an almost 90 degree erected stick, couldn't help it. I knelt down and placed it in my mouth.

A look at his face, eyes closed while revealing a little grin with his mouth.

Oh my.

So hot !

I stood up, kissed him. Went down again.

I looked up, asked him. He said no, don't stop. The size, perfect fit to my mouth.

As he came close to climax. He moved back a little, retracting his hard-on tool from my mouth hole.

He continued to jerk it, while I looked at it at eye level.

Oh my.

The head of the penis. Pinkish-ly so perfect !

While he was jerking, I gently ran my fingers over his thighs touching his body. Giving him a tease.

Speed increased - he's about to cum and in split seconds, he squirted out. Moaned, body shivered.

It got to my eye, I closed my eyes and opened again.

Shoot !

Second load, and this time it got to my chest later dripping down to the floor.

That's one hell of a cum, I would say.

Am just glad to have been loved that way, it's been a while.

Have a great weekend peeps !


Leo Nut said...

Woot! Niceee!! Now where can i find this guy? =D

are-5th said...

oh god.. really!! why can't i be that lucky!!

oii your posts make me excited lah. dah lah i make a promise to myself to stop DIY this year.. if i can lah..lols!

Da Closet Guy said...

Teach us how to get in such situation, sensei... (:

Unknown said...

Congrat for many things..LOL

Wish you still can have this hot session again ; )

MJ said...

jealous banyak..recently very dry...

Anyway, does it hurt when the cum kena eyes?

JokerPJ said...

OMG!!! How did he get that body???!!! and how did you find someone like that?


Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: They are everywhere, ask and you shall be given.


@are-5th: DIY ? But then, once in a while it's ok.

In a way, we are just rewarding ourselves.

@Da Closet Guy: The situation ? Hmm..I think by watching lotsa lotsa porn ?

Haha, that's how you learn the tricks & moves. Oh ya, reading do help as well.

@Shin Y: Thanks. And me too wishing, wishing for something that's more permanent.

@MJ: Err..nope, it doesn't hurt. Maybe it's not like a lot, just one or two drops got into my eyes.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog !


@JokerPJ: He said he worked out a lot.


Le Chatelier said...

JackD ah? Ask dekat mana? Can we have fun? Haha

Chen Xing said...

@Le Chatelier: Sometimes the apps come in handy. But most of the time, it's through first sight and few dates.