Monday, January 21, 2013

I am pretty sure all of you guys out there, somehow is following a certain skincare regime.

Yes, I cleanse, I tone and I moisturise. Once a week, I mask and twice a week I scrub.

I know it's a lot to follow, but then when it comes to your face - I think it's best to comply to it.

So I was hunting for facial mask last weekend, just to replenish my going to finish clay mask which I got from Body Shop sometime last year.

Went in to Face Shop, and got a tube of mask. Yes, it's clay mask again and that's not what I want.

Can someone recommends me where to get a good mud mask ?

Deep sea-mud mask.

The blackish one.

Something like the picture below.



Danny said...

i think i'll follow your routine .. so that i also look vogiu meletopzzz like you :)

are-5th said...

whats your take on face shop clay mask? i got it before but my first time using it, it doesnt feel like the normal clay mask i used to use from michelle lazaar. it's not tingling at all. not sure whether it's really like that or it doenst work on my skin.

deep sea mud mask eh? i take it you have an oily skin?

savante said...

Think we all have different skins that would suit different masks haha :) Have one as well.

Aiden said...

I've been looking everywhere for a good mask as well. Can't seem to find one.

Shadow Wind said...

LOL wonder if all people in our kind is obssessed with smooth skin and masks!

Ash Godiva said...

i obsessed with smooth skin and be younger than my actual age

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: I where got "meletopzzz" ? Still got lots of lots of improvements (or maybe surgery) to undergo.


@are-5th: Yup, oily-skin complexion. Yes, I am ugly.


@savante: The mud mask ?

@Aiden: Let me know when you find it.


@Shadow Wind: Haha, I guess so.

@Ash Godiva: But you, you have been using your own mix right ? Own recipe for a face mask ?