Friday, April 1, 2011

Will you answer me honestly if I were to ask, which is the most sensitive part of your body ?

The horny one will say the penis, the logical one will say the skin and the gay one will say the heart.

Honestly, I am the latter one.

Sensitive ? Or just over thinking, over analysing the situation ?

I've been told that I am kind of a very ultra sensitive kind of guy. A little slight treatment of dissatisfaction, and I showcase my unhappiness in a very obvious way. At times, it annoys me much that why I reacted in such a way.

Am I not mingling with the people around me the right way, am I not good in communicating/presenting myself or am I simply just too new for them to perceive me in that manner ?

All I know is that, sensitivity is the key to understanding your true self. How aware you are towards your body, mind and soul. Ultimately, helping you to understand the people surrounding you.

A gay thing perhaps ?

Hate to admit this but maybe sometimes I think that I am a little too extreme with this emotion. But then again, how can you not be that way when you are being touched right so deeply to your heart ?

Sensitive, caring.

A delicate plant, I deserve to be pampered because I am sensitive.


ooi2009 said...

just go for fucking emotions and niceness of pple , not outer beauty

Mr ET said...

*shake-hand, for me is heart too.

Skyhawk said...

Your sensitivity can be due to your over reaction or possessiveness towards certain things / people that you care and you assume you deserve some forms of attention. Nothing wrong to be frank....but dun over do it.

Deserve to be pampered coz u r sensitive - never heard of this theory before.

Clayden L. said...

butt. :P

say i'm shallow whatever, i guess i am. hahahahah

kidz said...

Well, i guess we just need to cover it up sometimes cause we cant expect everyone to be patient and put up with us.. (be it for the heart, skin, penis or butt =p)

ooi2009 said...

clayden , i know u have a huge butt , very perky indeed , just like JLO ok

tuls said...

kidz.. me leh me leh? hahahah...

cx, for me my fingers and ears :) wahahahah..

huggies!! :)

something random, i go to chili's got there got BOTTOMless drinks in the menu :) muahahahah

Jon C said...

I think its da ears.


Hahaa. The thought of it give me the tickles already. lol

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: True. But sometimes outer beauty is what we sense first.

@Whizkid: Hehe...

@Skyhawk: Trying not to over do it, afraid that it might be too irritating to the people around me.

Hmm..maybe I should at the word "sometimes" in that phrase.

@Clayden L.: Lol...but that's where we sense the "pain" and pleasure the most.


@kidz: Yup. Need to project a stronger presence.

@tuls: Ears, I can get it but fingers ??

@Jon C: Especially when his lips kisses the ear.