Friday, April 22, 2011

10 pm...

2 am...

1 pm....(the next day)

Life in advertising.

Sometimes I do wonder, the long hours, the unexpected changed of decisions by the client, bad attitude thrown by the creative team, client giving a hard time, client not listening, bosses not really appreciating and worst still, low wages for the so called taste of glamour, informal working environment and "perks" of the agency life.

This week, the true taste. The endurance test.

Been going back really late. The kind of lifestyle that will sort of screw up your body system: not eating at the right timing and not sleeping. As much as I like staying up till late-night during the weekends, staying up for more than 24 hours during weekdays are something that I am not keen in forcing myself to do it.

So, am I in the medical field now ? Doctor who is on-call, working on a back-to-back shift ?

I am not complaining, seriously. Just thinking whether do I really want this happening in my life and eventually the kind of lifestyle that I'll be living for the coming 6-8 years of my life ?

Told Mum about it, and she asked me to get another job.

True, at the end of the day, there's only one thing which we want to achieve. The goal is ultimately to have a better life. Many ways of achieving it, so I got to decide wisely.

*At this point, am just too exhausted to talk about the current job situation. Will probably talk about it in upcoming updates.


tuls said...

Dr. Chen, i need you to replace me on my next shift alright.. thanks man..

Le Chatelier said...

You're saving lives! I heard that it's better to further your studies into master level, lesser job and higher income :-) Good luck! yeah, true, just be creative for other alternatives. Why not a sex doctor? I think there's no complain for this job whatsoever, Haha! How about a lab which only hire hot MLTs or science officers that wear nothing buy a boxer and a lab coat... dreaming~

Skyhawk said...

I m not in this field, so can't comment much. If this kinda situation is going to persist long, then it's not good for health and lifestyle. Every job has its pressure. Doc is a tough job too, esp when you are on-call. Try your best, if not, move on! Enjoy yr weekend.

J-boy said...

Well, TGIF!

Get some good rest and have lots of fun during the weekend. Best remedy for a tough week. :)

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: I don't mind, but it depends on what sort of "shift" that I'll be on duty.

@Le Chatelier: Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Just to clarify, am not a medical doctor. In fact, my career has got nothing to do with saving lives, but more to persuading minds.

@Skyhawk: I am pretty much aware that no matter where I step foot in, there bound to be work-stress.

Perhaps, I'll just need to re-think my career path.

@J-boy: I will definitely rest to the fullest. Thanks.