Thursday, April 14, 2011

Risky business.

No thrill if there's no risk in it. Come, let's have fun and with the high level of risk, the fun will be greater.

Trust me.

Risk - keeps the adrenaline pumping, gushing through the veins and making us feeling all hot and sweaty.

No one will see, nobody needs to know. Take charge of your own life. Once, twice and thrice. Time after time, risk after risk, nothing happens to me.

I am still here.

Hey look, it's alright ! Feel free to go all out but just remember to play safe.

We are all born natural sinners, just like the phrase "rules are meant to be broken". Somehow we know that it's wrong and for sure it's already against the norm, we will still tend to get excited and be all crazy in doing the wrongs.

It's the matter between right and wrong. Wise enough, you decide the next course of action. You want to be good or bad.

Perhaps, that's the additional "feel" to whatever crime that we are doing. Whether it's the crave for the pleasures of one's body or the desire to consume more than what we can digest, it's legally and religiously forgiveable to commit the sin once, but not twice.

Take time, reflect. Pray !

Yours sinfully,
The Devil Within


tuls said...

the Devil wears Prada.. so dont buy SEED! :)

Skyhawk said...

"The Devil In Me" may suit you better? lolx!

J-boy said...

Love Miss K..
Her latest album is so danceable!! ;)

Unknown said...
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justin k said...

what did you do?

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Alright. I will save up money for that outfit.

@Skyhawk: Truthfully, I am very angelic. Only that, sometimes when being aroused, the devil in me will appear.


@J-boy: Yup. I like her good-showmanship.

Love her concerts.

@justin k: Nothing. Nothing sinful. Just pouring out what I observed.