Friday, April 8, 2011

Delusion first, depress later.

That was a phrase of advice given to my friend, partly because that was something that I used to follow as a guide that blankets me from the cold-fantasy that I am feeling. Though most of the time I am always aware that my two feet are still touching the ground and that gravity is still ever wanting to pull me back, the fantasy never fails to lift my soul up.

Probably uttered that out of insanity (lost for a moment), and both of us were deeply desperate that we nodded our head to the above statement. Agreeing to the pain, sorrow and short-lived moments of happiness, never once cared for our mind, body and soul.

At times, the vibe was so powerful that we chose to stay in the imaginative state till we didn't want to be awaken up to face the challenging real world. Though the pain kept on repeatedly leaving scars to our heart, we faked the pain. Running away from giving it a chance to recover.

No time to heal, wanting to immune to all these.

Leave me alone, I am happy.

Now, thinking back, I second that selfish thought of mine. How can I be hurting myself this way ? As much as life requires decisions, we still have the option to opt for a different direction to go with.

So now, why make life miserable when you can be happy ?

Delusion not, depress not.


kidz said...

wow.. this sounds like taking drugs.. =p

Skyhawk said...

Are you fine? Be happy always...

- a L E x - said...

smile and laugh more often :D

J-boy said...

Sometimes even when we know it's not good for us, we still go there.

It happens over and over again.
Wish we had better control of it..

Mr ET said...

Life is too short to just be filled with wound and regret. Everyone have the right to be happy and equally have the chance to have achieve it.

BTW, since tulsy is absent, you can give Kidz the chance wat - not the drugs of course, to make you happy. Hahahahahaha XD

Chen Xing said...

@kidz: No, it's not drugs. This is taking in plentiful of unhappiness.

@Skyhawk: I am sort of alright, only that...

@-aLEx-: I will.


@J-boy: Yes. I just need to learn how better manage my life.


@Whizkid: I can give, but will people want it or not ? That's the question.


alvin_t said...

it's hard but i will try .. the feeling is just too strong

kidz said...

Woah... does that mean Tuls used to make u happy?? hmm... hmm... =p

Anyway, its weekend again, go movie, dinner, party, worse case get bottles of vodka (depends how good/bad drinker u r) and get a good sleep.. works for me.. ;)

Mr ET said...

Kidz, ppl asked u liao, will u give him the chance or not :P hahahahahaha.

Chen Xing said...

@alvin_t: I know. But then do make sure that you really try.

@kidz: Hahah.. (ignoring you) !

I am not a heavy drinker, but heavy sleeper ! :P

@Whizkidz: You and tuls, playing matchmaker is it ?