Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's not really a secret. But it's sacred.

Sometimes, you just couldn't really say it out. You wanted to, but you are just not sure whether is the timing right or not. Does the situation allows you to say so ? Or, whether it is a perfect moment to voice it out from your mouth ?

What if you already did say ? Are you going to repeat the words again, or just keep it as it is ?

Somehow, I know that I told him the words twice if I am not mistaken. Now, I think is his turn. But then again, I can't really demand anything at this point.

So, what are the words that I couldn't say ?

And care to share yours ?

*Above video is taken from the Country Song. Song titled Words I Couldn't Say by Leighton Meester.


J-boy said...

is it those 3 words?

And I didn't know Leighton could sing that well.. :)

Mr ET said...

Maybe you say the word to the wrong person. just like climbing up the wrong tree. Maybe other tree is better just like the one owned by Jay Chow look-alike. =P

No such word for me now. I don't have any word to say already.

- a L E x - said...

My Blair Waldorf sings <3 :D

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Few similar words to that effect...

@Whizkid: Maybe. Sometimes I just wish that it's a coconut tress instead. Not so many branches, not so many leaves which sometimes can make the climbing effort to be very confusing.

@-aLEx-: Yup. Can't wait for her to release her first ever album.