Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pronounce title correctly.

Last word rhymes with S-E-X.

Indeed. Is there such thing as a break-up sex ?

Whereby, you two will quarrel, the typical scenario, both get angry for a moment, realizes that it's not destined  to be together and then make out, never to see each other again later on. For some cases, both will remain friends.

Goodbye sex, painful both physically and mentally. Grinding hard on your emotions as well as to your anal, thrusting your body up and down, left and right making your heart pounding faster. He plays with you, one last time before you bid farewell and move on.

Save the best for last, orgasmic climax.

Goodbye and take care.

If there's such thing as a break-up sex, then every ONS that we engage will be the number of relationships we had. F*ck and say goodbye, how many more times ?

I am still counting on this rather than sheep to ease me to sleep.


Deicidal said...

aha. but then there is MAKE UP SEX.

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: Yup, but have yet to experience it yet.