Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feng Shui tells us that, find your Kua number in order to determine the direction.

Basing on my date of birthday, I have actually calculated out the Kua number, and according to the chart, the Romance direction in my room is actually the south-west.

So now, place something that comes in pair in that corner to activate the Love/Relationship/Romance area.

I have decided to frame the following picture and put it on my desk, south-west corner.

Now, I am confuse. Do I place the picture of Yang versus Yang, rather than the harmony of Yin and Yang ? Should I be putting up more masculine elements in the south west corner ? Something hard, earth elements or maybe posters of hot hunky guys. Or do I simply just change the Mandarin Ducks to something else instead ?

Trust me, desperate time calls for desperate measure and I do believe in the act of balancing the elements around me.

FYI, aerial view of my room. Any Feng Shui experts want to lend some help ?

Just trying out, who knows.


tuls said...

did i hear Ah KUA? hahahhahah.. wtf.. you should blog about Kampung Girl since someone else blogged about City Boy! will be anticipating your Kampung Girl post tomorrow! :)

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Can, will do. Let me sleep on it, tomorrow I shall do a continuation to that "Just a city boy..." post.


Mr ET said...

I dunno lar, usually Sg ppl are gud in feng shui despite their hectic lifestyle. maybe u shud consult a sg ppl instead? I mean bring him home, see the surrounding and make a suitable decoration in ur room? Oh ya, make sure the sg ppl u invite is someone look like Jay Chow but with very curly hair =P

Skyhawk said...

Ask Joey Yap. Put TULS pic there, sure can improve your love/relationship Fengshui one.

J-boy said...

LOL why is everyone persistently trying to hook u up with Kidz? :P

And my mum follows Feng Shui too. She bought little figures of mandarin ducks and gave them to my sis...

Haha so maybe u should buy 2 male ones?? But they always come in pairs.. so u might have to buy 2 pairs and toss away the female ones haha!

justin k said...

is that side table the one i gave you? :)

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: Singapore so many Chinese, how do I even start ? I think I will need your help (and also tuls' help in this).

@Skyhawk: Maybe. Maybe I'll just get tuls to help me activate the love/relationship area of my room.


@J-boy: I'll give the females one to my lesbian friend. Or maybe I'll share 50/50 with her.


@justin k: Yup. Keeping it in good condition.

kidz said...

hahaha... so how does that activation work??? i mean by tulsy.. i am curious.. =p

Chen Xing said...

@kidz: He doesn't have to be in my room physically. He kind of part-time well in the "match-making" business.