Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thousands of calories being burned, occasionally you sweat it all out. Tired and longing for some chilled drinks to quench the thirst. Wanting to stop at one point as you are just too exhausted. Drained and frustrated when you are not able to achieve what you have eyed for.

Do I just give up now ? No, I can't as I am working out. Working out for the sake of my health, my appearance, how people perceive me and for many more reasons.

Yes, I got to confess that I have shopped lately.

After few months of not hitting the gym malls, I am finally back with full of motivations and excitements in me. I mean, I still go to the malls every now and then. Still the same old me. Looking at nice clothes, observing the styling but then just not buying them till recently. Seriously, heavy shopping activities can be equivalent to working out in the gym.

I am the kind of person that survey the fashion items first before buying them. One thing that I always like to do is to walk into a high end store, look at the clothes and then try to get that similar look at a lower price in some other place. Smart ! Though I got to say that the quality won't be the same, who cares as long as you look good when you are in it.

Perhaps it's the festive joy that I am feeling. Chinese New Year is approaching in weeks time, so I am just hoping into the mood. I vowed not to really go all big or spend a lot for new clothes. Just few essential pieces will be enough for me. After all, it's not a fashion show that I'll be walking but then just a gathering among family members.

So, I surveyed last week, shopped this week and plan to do it again next week. Then, just in case I miss out anything I'll just do a quick one right before heading back home for the celebration.

Sounds like a plan to me.


*Spotting an edgier new haircut. I look like a bad boy now. *Grin*


tuls said...

shop shop shop for gong xi fa cai!!

Skyhawk said...

Just curious how the shopping activities equate to gym? I may want to know.

justin k said...

you're not the only one who's been shopping. And i'm not even celebrating CNY here. My arms are sore from carrying all the damn bags and dragged them halfway across London. And that is in addition to having sprinting down Oxford St. (albeit for an assignment)

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Yup. Are you into the shopping spree as well ?

@Skyhawk: Walking. From one shop to another.


@justin k: Shopping as an assignment ?