Friday, December 31, 2010

I am actually ready to state the objectives of 2011. Nothing big, nothing much. Simple resolutions that set as the challenges for me to endure and overcome. Accomplishing all of it will definitely give me a greater happiness in life, at least it gives 2011 something to look forward to.

So, 2011 I vow to be:

a) Friendlier. There's a dire need for me to expand my social circle. Get out there and get to know more people. This can be done by just a simple gesture of smiling.

b) Career-driven. I want to put in more love in what I am doing right now. Absorbing the knowledge faster than in the year 2010, learning all aspects of the industry that I am in and hopefully venturing into other medium which I am keen in exploring.

c) Fabulous. Give myself a little more respect, believe in my own capability and to carry myself well. That doesn't mean I'll soak myself in latest fashion or go out every night, spending money like it's an easy thing to earn. However, I will project a certain poise when I am out there.

d) Economical. Living within my means. Not going to rank myself or anything, but then will try to better manage my financial means.

I guess that would be all. Few aspects which I wish to follow by becoming friendlier I will be able to work comfortably in the industry that I am in, making me fab.

Happy 2011 New Year to all of you out there. All the best in the coming year.


Aiden said...

Hope you get to stick with the resolutions. Nothing is impossible =]

Happy new year. =]

Skyhawk said...

I am sure you will be able to achieve what you have set...Happy New Year.

alvin_t said...

i see some similiraties .. i just wanna say .. u can do it .. u have always overcome every challenges that is put up and confront it fabulously .. that is true fabulosity .. never give up hope on ur dreams and stay glamourous always .. xoxo ..

see you sooon ...

Chen Xing said...

@A: At least I've written it out, so once in a while will look back again at this entry, make sure that I'm following the resolutions.

@Skyhawk: :)

@alvin_t: Not giving on my dreams yet. Hope same goes to you. Get well soon, and see ya.