Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I am back.

After a few days of celebrating the festive moment with my family, I found myself to be indulging in good food, walked plenty of miles while accompanying sis and mom for shopping and a lot more happier right now. Can just smile and be thankful as I spent the past few days with my mom and my sis, as well as my little nephew. Couldn't wish for a better Christmas present, as the best gift after all is just to have quality time with family.

So running a quick check on the date, it's 28th of December 2010. Couple more of days, we'll be bidding goodbye to 2010. I am not really in the muse to write about resolutions and will probably get to that when the date draws closer. Pretty sure that most of you peeps out there already have in mind on how to end the year with a bang.

As for now, let me gauge on something which has been kind of playing around in my head. Something which I have been observing for sometime now and still have yet to crack the logic.

Yup, it's non other than the position or the role in the rainbow society. I know this "top or bottom" topic has been discussed before, but then how can we, from a third person point of view pin-pointing out on a couple to who is the top and who is the bottom. Care to share any tips ?

I always have this well-crafted imagination on how a top should carry himself. He must be tougher, looks mature, protective, macho, taller and have all the "yang" energy surrounding him. Whereas for a bottom, he is usually a little more passive, caring, pays a lot of attention to small little details, intelligent, likes to be pampered, loves the attention a top gives to him and breathe in the "yin" aura. So tell me, how cliche can those labels be ?

What about the term "Power Bottom" or the idea that when you walk into a gym's locker room the most well-build guy turns out to be a bottom ? Or picture this scenario, a younger boy topping an older man ? I am having a hard time figuring out the position of this one guy whom I used to love, though we slept together, I don't think so I can deduce on the role he is most comfortable in basing on that one magical night. How ? Break the rules and just live the gay lifestyle to your liking, and not let labels define the boundary ?

Hmm...serious thinking needed.

So the next time when you are in the elevator, look around and if you spot a hot guy, do ask yourself this: "Going up or going down ?"


J-boy said...

hmm there was discussion about this topic some time ago by bloggers.

apparently generalizations aren't always true, each person/couple is unique.

so r u a top or bottom? XD

tuls said...

hahahaha... cannot know de!! seriously.. the surface doesnt tell you anything.. people thinks that im a top but im a fucking bottom.. so you really cant tell!! there is no way to know lor.. unless you got role detector! hahahah... i want to be power bottom!! hahahahaha... but dont think got chance de lor.. so fats.. ahahahah...

happy new year CX!!

Skyhawk said...

Though we can't generalize but most feminine guys tend to be bottom and this is undeniable. However, cutie like Tuls may look top but super bottom. Yes, just live as is and don't let the label define the boundary. So, what's your role? lolx!

savante said...

Hard to place guys in these simple categories :) Think we're all much more complex.

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Yup, that's very true. As long as both of them are deeply in love, that matters the most.

@tuls: Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes it's not. Perhaps I should just mind my own business. Hehe...

Happy 2011 New Year to you too.

@Skyhawk:Yup. But then again, we do have cases where feminine guys can be a real power-drill.

Lol !!!

@savante: Hmm, what if both are flexible. Now, wouldn't it be interesting to role play ?

@J-boy, tuls & Skyhawk: What do you guys think ?