Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am pretty much aware that life is a struggle.

Indeed, we struggle most of the time to make ends meet. You study both hard and smart to get good grades, you keep a conscious awareness on your appearance so that you can look good, you work hard and diligently to get a good pay and so much more that sometimes you neglect the true meaning of your existence in this world.

Worth going through the struggle ?

I personally feel that in the beginning, people will have to struggle in whatever that they are attempting so that when it comes to the middle or towards the end part of the situation they will learn how to appreciate the outcome and gain the most satisfaction out of it.

Been thinking on this question for sometime now. How long do we have to struggle ? If there is a choice for you to leave all the "troubles" and just live a simple basic life, will you take the choice instantly ? Or you will continue to live in "pain" as you believe that the more you experience it the more you will learn from it.

True enough, as we grow older, we complicate things.

Somehow I am finding difficulties in equating the struggle/life relations. If it's an equation and we were to put it in a graph form, I wonder how it looks like.

Ponder on this, and find the purpose in life. Do you want a relationship ? Good career ? Earn more money ? Stronger family bond ?


Aiden said...

If I had the choice of living a simple life or living in "pain" as you've phrased it, it all depends on where my dream lies. If living in "pain" means that I'll be following my dreams, then I'd choose that.

Probably like a bell curve?

At this point I'd choose a good career. Coz I think I'm just done with relationships and stronger family bonds. =]

Chen Xing said...

I am not sure as I never really been in a relationship before.

Somehow in the end it points back to what that will really makes me happy.