Friday, December 17, 2010

I would think twice.

Whatever action which I bound to take, especially one that has got to do with you, I will reevaluate my answer. I don't think so there's a need for me to even write about this anymore as somehow when you see the whole truth, what lies beneath would be the painful aftermath.

I am glad. In fact thankful that finally, I can finally make a conclusion to what kind of person you are in real life. I am not trying to make you feel bad or anything, perhaps we just don't click. And love is always about connection and chemistry. Don't worry, I will still accept the reason you gave on why we can't be together with open heart (truth is, we were never even in a relationship at all).

Can't deny the fact that we are born with lust in us. Being a man gay man, we have greater urge to this deadly sin. Sex, some will take it as a routine, while some will cherish it like a throne in the castle. I opt the latter one. You see, being in a relationship, as far as I know, is that you must be truthful to one another. There is no reason to flirt around with people as when you choose to share your life together with another soul, what other gratifications could you ask for ? Wasn't having each others companionship would be the most satisfying reward ?

You told me that you are already seeing someone else for a month now. Thus, how is it going so far ? Am I going to congratulate you, wish you luck and stand behind while watching my heart shatters into million pieces ? I don't really think so I am ready for that. If you seriously think that the guy is the one, then go ahead and I shall slowly drift away from your life

Be faithful, stay loyal and to always be honest. That's my final say to you.

I remember one thing which you said regarding your past experience being in a relationship, you fell for a guy, you were deeply in love with him. And according to you, you could only stop loving him if he says it to your face that he doesn't like you or he wants you out from his life. You are just me then, desperate !

Well, I am not going to be like you or at least the old me. In fact, I choose to leave with class and dignity. I will not brag about my presence but will slowly, slowly make my absence felt by you.


Jon C said...

How now? Would agree.
It's quite disappointing men are like that. Horny all the time :P

But I've always ask this question; Can there be a happy ending for a gay relationship? I've not been a real, real relationship too. But from what I've observed all around, it tell me that.

Soon it would seem pointless. sigh... I told myself not to give up, just yet. :/

Chen Xing said...

Yup, not giving up is one key thing. Somehow I concluded that 90 or 99% of them will definitely cheat. Maybe we are the 10 or 1% of those who deserve a better loving man in our life.