Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Earth, wind, fire, water and air. The elements co-exist harmoniously in the same environment. A well-balanced life, yielding from a perfectly well managed inner being."

It's past midnight now, and I am finding myself just out from the shower. Feeling fresh and tired at the same time. I thought I can end the year with a carefree workload in the office, but then carefree ending not. Today, big boss walked over to my place and asked me to do up a review on few competitors that we will be pitching for this new client. I heart my job, but sometimes lack of guidance points me to nowhere. There are about 10 brands for me to review, somehow I am certainly very determined to get this one right on the dot.

Deadline for myself is till end day Thursday, so I'll have half the Friday to edit my findings as we will be off in the afternoon due to the Christmas celebration.

I am pretty sure at times like this, feeling lost, despair and a little afraid, we try our very best to gain some positive vibe out of something or someone. Somehow to me, I always turn to songs and music portrayed by powerful well known women.

I love them.

Whenever I am sad, I will smile right back when I hear their voices. My tears will turn into mist that freshen up my face and my broken heart mends itself back. It pumps faster, making me happier and excited.

That's how life should be.

Cyndi Lauper to me is retro. Classic disco queen from the early 80s. Perhaps her songs associate very well with me as I love to dance and groove most of the time. Most of her tracks carry the "gay-beats" beat. You are not gay if you have never listen to her songs before. Remember "Time After Time" or "Gay Girl Just Wanna Have Fun" ? Can you recall ?
Moving on, we have Miss Kylie Minogue. Another disco princess, fame rising during the mid 80s. Lyrics from her are so so relatable. Every situation which I have encountered, I can just find the perfect right song to be the soundtrack of that very moment. From her dance move to her vocals and to her sexy costumes, there's no reason for me to be straight. Seriously, I can just eat, sleep and Kylie all day long.
Madonna has always been the queen of pop. Mother of reinvention, it teaches us to cherish our individuality. Era after era, she's just so good with her influencing style: take fashion and music for instance. Apart from that, I give my respect to her philanthropic deeds especially towards the third world nation. I admit that I am such an attention-whore, hence I drain from her incredible essence.
Lastly, my dearest Mother Theresa in my rainbow life, Cher. Hail, bow and kneel to the queen of all queens. Despite she being old, I worship her like mad. Love her costumes, and every time when I see her performance on stage, I will go berserk. I got mesmerized by it, and I got inspired by the colors of the stage setting, glittering costumes and felt instant relief when the crowd cheers on her. A quick remedy to release all the problems that I am facing.

Well, I was actually listening to Cyndi Lauper earlier on, then went and Google about gay icons. Read the articles, and got the muse to write this entry.

Somehow, they are the people that keep my fabulous life going despite having to face drama all the time in my daily life. I find having them as my ultimate gay icons give me solace in life. Something I can connect personally with when I am feeling all negative.

Alright now, better head off to bed fast. Sleep tight and have a goodnight sleep everyone !


Skyhawk said...

You are such a committed staff...Merry Christmas...

Jon C said...

All the best! make sure you nail it :)

and also enjoy the holidays yea
Merry Xmas

Chen Xing said...

@Skyhawk: I need a raise and been quite free for sometime now. So better get my brain to think again before it hibernates till next year.

Hehe..and have a blessed Christmas to you too.

@Jon C: I showed my findings to my boss, and was asked to expand further. Will probably do that after the holidays.

What about you, how's work coming along ?

Wishing you a joyous Christmas too.

Jon C said...

Hehe.. I'm sure you'd do well for that. Gotta research more I suppose :)

Work is toning down already, finally. Couple of things to pick up by next week. Time to close 2010..

What are you up to for New Years?

Chen Xing said...

@Jon C: Well, will probably hit the club for the countdown.

You ?

Jon C said...

Oooh. So happening!
Hehheh.. What kinda clubs to u go to?

Imma be good and stay indoors I guess. Plus, I'm working on NY's eve.. lol :P

Chen Xing said...

Aww..but no worries. You can still party right after that. I got half day off from my company

Will go to Marketplace. Want to join ? Hehe...

Jon C said...

Cool! Ohh boy I heard it's a holiday on Friday. Yay. And more figuring of what to do. :P

Oh Marketplace. you're nice:) Heard much of that place. Who do you normally head there with?

Chen Xing said...

Yup, it's a public holiday indeed.

Rushed out my work like mad, trying to meet with deadlines.

Usually with my closest friends. That's my weekends company...