Thursday, December 9, 2010

We can relate to it most of the time.

Our presence being noticed, not in a very good way. People stare, people talk - they criticized. So what ? All I know is that human beings are born with flaws in their soul.

Always, people will remember the most negative things related to us rather than good deeds we acted upon them. If you are fat, then you are clumsy. If you are slim, then you are just too thin. If you are fabulously flamboyant, then you are just another sissy in a soft fag's body. If you are tall, then you are the giant freak in town. If you have blemishes on your face, then you are ugly. So tell me, whatever we project people will tend to perceive the most negative attributes we carry.

Sometimes I wonder, was it out of jealously that makes one into labeling other people with those adjectives ?

I would be angry if one when being labeled, feels defeated and helpless. They should in fact learn how to channel those labels to something "empowering", turning it into something that they can be proud of, something that they can celebrate.

Are we to change people's perception then ?


One may be imperfect, but then what are the ways to make the imperfections flawless. To me, it's just so easy.

  • Always start with believing in yourself. Never let criticism brings you down, as the truth is when people criticize you, they just want to expose your vulnerability.
  • Self-acknowledge that you are not perfect. You have flaws ! This will make you more humble than anyone else. People respect humble being.
  • Flawlessly balance your imperfections with other personalities/attributes that you are proud of. (e.g. I might be fabulously flamboyant, but then I shout-out loud with my great sense of humor. Comically, people like to be with me then.)
  • If you are proud out it, then flaunt it. Why hide it ? Sometimes, your imperfections will help you to stands out from the crowd. Don't get me wrong, but then I mean it in a positive way.
  • Don't let your imperfections change who you are. Changing bad habits, definitely yes. If it helps to improve your life, then work towards that direction in perfecting your life.

When I do pay attention to people who always "worship" my imperfections, I empathize them so much as when they look into the mirror, all they see would be their own reflections. A strong reflection that reminds them on their own flaws and imperfections.

Oh my, we are somewhat imperfect and have flaws all over us. But I am different from you as I learn how to make my imperfections flawless.

Flawlessly written by,
The Self-Proclaimed Perfectionist

*Shout it out if you are happy with your flawless imperfections.


tuls said...

im happy that i have pimples! that means im still young and hormones are raging!! you old shits out there who look down on people with pimples, go to hell! we dont care about you! we dont care about what you think! we are beautiful!! fuck off!!

*clear throat*

hi CX, sorry about everything.. hahahahaha

justin k said...

hell, I've got acne, unbalanced ears, weird hair, skewed eyes and so many more things people have pointed out. But someone comments on them, like for instance, "Gosh, you have so much white hair!" I just reply "Really? Thanks! It's probably the genes from my mum and I'm proud to be her son, y'all!" *snaps*

I know that people may stare at your if you're dressed differently in deep v-necks and gladiator sandals, or express yourself in different lingo. Sure, you may feel uncomfortable, but then you'll probably never see that bastard again. And if you're really uncomfortable, just ask what the fuck are they staring at? Or if they stare at you, stare at them!

Just put your middle finger in the air and say, adios little bitches!

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Hey,it's alright to shout it out loud. Sometimes I am just too tired of people saying how incomplete or how unhappy their life is.

@justin k: Yup. If they can't keep up with us, then just leave them behind. :)