Thursday, December 16, 2010

Imagine living in the world where you are born hot, cute and like-able by everyone else. Every time when you are out there, people will turn, stop by a moment and catch a glimpse of you. You can deny all you want, trying to be humble, making some people jealous of your presence while charming the others to fall for you. Shyness, is not what you are trying to say.

Reality kicks in, deep down every fair skin lies a dirty little dark secret.

So it was true after what you have briefly told me once upon a time that I am just like you. Fallen for a guy that is already attached to someone for nearly 8 years. Let me quote, you said that you can't really demand anything from the guy as it's hard to get his undivided attention. You wished for him instead, to just love and care for you. You would be happy then.

Hang on, weren't you also in a relationship at that moment ? Now I am questioning myself, how can you love someone else when you have already given your love to another person in the first place ? Must I comeback to the queer saying that there is no loyalty in this kind of relationship and that there is no such thing as true love.

Now, how can I be like you. I wasn't in any relationship neither have I played or cheated on anyone's heart before.

I am writing this simply because I care and love you. If that was you, then I am not judging the past, gladly I am putting it behind. In fact, I just want to have a future with you if it's any possible. Whatever you did, I am quite alright with it.

So, just love yourself truly before making love with others.

You know you love me!



tuls said...

hm... i was in that situation before.. :(

Chen Xing said...

Tuls, perhaps it's like a "rite-of-passage" thingy. One must survive this ordeal, in order to have a strong and faithful relationship later on.

Skyhawk said...

I wonder there is faithful relationship in plu world...just notice you write so well...follow you liao!

tuls said...

hi skyhawk.. welcome to chen xing's blog.. wanna ask you arr, is that your shoulder in the picture..?

Skyhawk said...

Tuls, this is very difficult question. If Yes is my answer, ppl will start imagining me based on that shoulder; if I say No, it's also incorrect. You can the clue? LOL!

tuls said...

duh!! of course i get it.. wah.. so da dan put shoulder edi hor.. so when will you put other parts of your body jek? hahahaha.. sorry CX, spamming your comment box!! haha

Chen Xing said...

@Skyhawk: Great and thank you. Faithful relationship wise..I am still practically searching high and low, will on that I hope to learn from the surroundings about this complicated chemistry of life.

>>>Well sculpted shoulder!

@tuls: It's alright. Sharing is caring. Hehe...