Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here's a tale of a midnight owl.

Insomnia at its critical level.

And if I could still recall, I don't think so I have slept for the past 2 days. Every hour, am awake and definitely not a good night for me.

I really don't know why, and I can't think of any stress that has been causing this disorder.

Now, since it's a disorder, do you think that I should go seek help ? Or maybe I should discipline myself by going to bed early every night, and follows a healthier sleep pattern  ?

I can understand if it's a transition from Sunday to Monday, but then come one, not every other weekday. There's work to do.

Any tips, any cure that you can suggest ?

And here's to new anthem for a better good night sleep.

Goodnight ! Sleep well, sleep tight.


Leo Nut said...

Hm.. Try meditating before sleeping?.. Clear your mind and soul before heading into your dream sanctuary. =D

soul232 said...

if it's too bad, sleeping pill wont hurt but dont make it frequent..good eating and busy day will usually do the trick =)

Ash Godiva said...
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Danny said...

if u found any good tips.. let me know ok?
i think we got the same syndrome..
the-diva-yg-tak-dapat-tidur-syndrome...lol ;p

Ash Godiva said...

got herbal sleeping pill,antazac or anzelin,i forgotten the name but it's nice.

on previous comment my genes is average only but i had done other things to maintain my skin.my sister and cousins fortunate to have nice fair slightly reddish skin:(

chaiminhuei said...

Stress management. Break down problems into manageable bits and stop worrying about the stuff you have no control over.

Oh, and keeping to a regular sleeping pattern (together with timely eating) helps loads.

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: I think I should follow some certain techniques right ? I mean the correct ways of doing it.

@soul232: Can I get those from the pharmacy or I must consult a doctor for it ?

Sometimes, being busy do help.


@Danny: Hahaha..alright. Shall share it with you when I am "cured" from this syndrome.

@Ash Godiva: Also on the previous post, what's your facial routine ? Care to share more ?


@chaiminhuei: Thanks for the tips, and the reminder as well.


soul232 said...

there are some over-the-counter pill but it's not that recommended due to side-effects and the doubt in its effectiveness..prescrption is better but that u have to go see doctor 1st.

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: Okie dokes. Thanks ya for the info.