Thursday, March 21, 2013

The state of mind when you are calm.

The past weekend, I vowed to myself that I should go pray.

Pray more, to  find the inner peace within me.

As there are decisions to be made this week, the cloudy mind and the forever second-guessing thought wasn't at help at all.

Hence, I have decided to not think about it and focus on some other things instead.

You see, when you make a decision in a rush - it's definitely not a wise one.

A lot of times, it's about weighing the pros & cons. But then, once you are done the results might be the other way round of what you thought it would be.

Why stress yourself so much, and keep on changing answers ?

The best practice, stay stress and be in dilemma for like couple of days. Think about the past and the future, but most of the decisions that you are going to make is for the present.

Simple as that.

Till now, I have yet to give an answer. But I will, tomorrow.

For now, I will just stay calm.


Anonymous said...

searching for inner peace is the sort of tough thing to do.
Whenever I try to stay calm and peace, another thing will pop up in my mind and I can't get peace.
Inner peace thingy never seem to work my way i guess.

Twohornschild said...

Hey Xing! Good luck and hope what ever decision made is a good one. Or else work it to be a good one. Calm is good. Cheers.

Chen Xing said...

@Olivera: Perhaps the peace will come, if we give ourself more "me-time" ?


@two horns child: Thanks. Am happy with the decision made.

Thank you again.