Sunday, March 10, 2013

I have been really emotional the past weeks.

May it be work wise or personal wise - got upset real easily.

People around me no longer interest me, somehow I just wished that they would leave me alone and let me isolate myself away from them.

Sometimes it's not about a particular topic of conversation, but they way they act can be fake at times.

Weekends now to me, it's like a retreat. Not the kind I look forward to, but 2 out of 7 days where I reflect on life.

It got me into this question: Why do we work so hard in life ?

You earn this much, and you are still not happy about yourself ? Why ?

Too much of a free-time ? Or I am not living life to the fullest ?

Tough, I just need to find that balance within me.

Maybe, will need to be in-touch with myself spiritually.

Pray, and pray more.

That's a way to stay calm and relax.



Danny said...

hmm.. dunno what ti say to u ..
cos i also dun hv inner peace..

add oil la :)

Anonymous said...

the best way to get rid of emotional thingy is to sleep.

Twohornschild said...

At times like that ... i would always make myself to be appreciative. I know its cliche but it does help.
For instance i may go blind but i didn't. So i thank god and all the force that granted me this. Like you you may start to think that... maybe not many ppl can afford to buy mask like you. Instead you still have the time and luxury to mask your face. Lamer issit? Start to be proud of little little things of your own achievement. Then from there... you will see yourself grow and does stuff to improve life even without you yourself noticing it. Hence subconsciously living a productive life.

Ash Godiva said...

i was like you before i achieved my 'inner peace' but unfortunately now i don't have much free time.....
That inner peace and inner happiness is just within your reach:)

Da Closet Guy said...

When things are bad, it can actually become worse but it didn't. It just stayed... well... bad. Not everything is as bad as you think or feel. Give yourself sometime. When things get rock bottom, there are only two ways to go... Remain at the bottom or go up.

By the way, there's always not enough of anything and everything, especially the good things (:

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Found mine after waking up.

Am feeling alright now.


@Olivera: Yup, couldn't agree more.

Been getting a fare hours of sleep nowadays. Good news.


Thanks for dropping by here !

@two horns child: Correct. The little little achievements made me proud. Am not boasting, but it's a much needed "feel-good" kind of feeling.

Thanks for the advice.

@Ash Godiva: I think that's the reason. Sometimes we are too busy till we ignore our own "me time".

@Bro: I choose to go up.

True, it's always not enough. Better for us to appreciate what we have at the present.