Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally, the last Friday indeed was the deadline for me.

Made the decision which was given to me earlier that week. Took few days to think about it, but keep calm for most of the time.

And am glad.

The past weekend was a lot about me - indulging and treating myself.

Watched movies in the cinema back-to-back, had like satisfying meals and did a little shopping.

That's a perfect weekend I would say.

A perfect weekend with unconventional buy. Instead of clothes, I got myself to spend on some beauty products.

Yup, been researching about it. Was undecided between SK2 and Clinique. Ended up with Clinique, as SK2 is simply just too pricey.

And for SK2, once you start using it - you got to continue using it. If not, skin will just turn bad.

Why not give Clinique a try, and see how it goes.

How was your weekend ?


are-5th said...

i'm using clinique now but not the skin supplies for men lah and i'm loving it! in fact this weekend i'm going to KL to restock myself (and also add some more products!)

are-5th said...

but i'm still on the hunt for a great mud mask. heard origin has one but not confirm with my eyes yet :)

tuls said...

my face is fucked up, im only using simple for men.. no need to mahal mahal one... lol

Chen Xing said...

@are-5th: So far so good with Clinique ?

As for Origin's mask - I heard of it. But it's kind of pricey though.


@tuls: It's ok. Because you already have someone.

The reason why we are resorting to this is because we are still so much more single and unwanted.


are-5th said...

EVERYTHING is good with clinique! *OMG im so exaggerating ...*

and we are not resorting to this because we are single and unwanted chen xing. it's because it's for beauty and long lasting good looks! :)