Saturday, March 30, 2013

It happened few  weeks back, and I would say that's the peak of it.

Him: So my first question to you. What's your sexual role ?

Caught off guard as we tried to not go into those topics at the early stage of the "friendship". Of course I did answer him, and at the end of the night, what we both got was kind of productive chat session.

One day later, in the morning...

Him: I have another question - do you smoke ?
Me: Nope, I don't. I prefer to blow something else.
Him: I'm sure you do.

It was a little strange, as he's asking me questions now.

I remembered how he told me that, he's not the kind of guy who ask questions but more to a guy who discover a person by picking up things through a conversation,

Him: Question - do you do drugs ? Either for R&R or otherwise.
Me: Am a good boy. Innocent one that is.

We chatted on some other things, before he came asking me somewhat similar questions again.

Him: Do you have issues with people who smoke or do drugs ?
Me: Haha, are you implying to yourself ?
Him: It's just a hypothetical question.
Me: Smoking wise - still okay. Drugs wise, not quite sure.

Perhaps, he's hinting me something ?

Strange, if only he would have asked me the following question.

Him: Do you have issues with people who is all up for their career and have no time to themselves at all ?

I would definitely say yes.

In fact, that's what I have been feeling from him.

Oh well.


Unknown said...

Looks like everything going well ; )

savante said...

So what questions have you asked him in return?

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Yong: I do hope so.


@savante: I asked quite a lot, but for now I think it's insignificant right at this moment.