Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yes, let's be cryptic about it.

Am tired, and I really don't know why it always turned out to be me being eager.

Always, impatience and want things fast.

Yup - crush, date & dating.

Am I going at the speed of light ? As mostly, after almost a week's of chatting it's obvious that the next possible thing to do is to meet up.

Over a decent meal or maybe a movie date.

Am I right ?

If a guy refuses on the above, then there can only be one thing - I am not his type.

Maybe he's not that shallow. But then my point is, would you rather let a guy to tell you the truth why he doesn't want to meet ? Or you would be satisfied with his answer of declining in which you can't really pin out what's going wrong.

As for my own defence, the reason why I sort of want to push it because I don't want to be investing so much feelings into it and at the end of the whole thing, if it doesn't turn out well - I got myself fallen to deep and the scar will be even more hurtful.


are-5th said...

or perhaps he wants to take things slow. like really slow. who knows he was hurt before so he just wants to be sure this time, too.

Chen Xing said...

@are-5th: Probably, or maybe I am just too eager and impatience ?