Monday, April 1, 2013

Done with the first quarter of the year, and here I am thinking about the future.

To be precise, the second quarter.

Wonder how will it be. Different from the past or will it be the same old same old routine ?

Time flies, fast.

There's been so much ups and downs, work wise & love wise in the first quarter of the year. Which the first one, I think I am in control of it while still trying to fit the puzzle to the "love" wise riddle.

I have got to know a guy, chatted with him many times, dated him once & indirectly confesses my affection towards him.

And what I got in return ? Silent treatment, and bliss ignorance from him. Not his fault, maybe I am just not his type after all.

I mean, I would appreciate if he would to say so. You know, the truth thing. But then, hey, I got the message loud & clear and I am just slowly backing off right now.

What is it about me ? So much love to give, but none wants to take it.

If it's alright with you, the biggest prank to pull on me would be: Say you love me, be in a relationship with me and breaks up with me at the end of the day.

Am just mentally tired right now...


JokerPJ said...

Stay strong~


are-5th said...

cheer up chen xing! *big, teddy bear hugs*

i too am thinking about what will happen in the second quarter of the year .. am hoping for the very best!

i want to be the very best! like no one ever was! *eh*


p.s. if no one wants ur love, come give them to me. i'll love u back :)

Anonymous said...

cheers. IS actually kinda tough to find someone you like to like you in return.

J-boy said...

We will find our someone some day!

I truly believe that will happen... I believe that for hopeless romantics like us, life will not just pass us by without letting us experience real love..


thompsonboy said...

I love reading young boys post because it reminded me of myself. I wished I could go and visit my old self and tell myself, chin up. It's not so bad. Its life. Have more control of it. Don't give your heart so easily and above all, take it easy. Its just relationship. There's more to life than that.

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: I will. I have to.


@are-5th: Lol, you are kind.

A guy once told me, I must not be that generous with my feelings. Indeed, an advice to be noted for.


@Olivera: Correct. But then ya, he is out there. Don't know where exactly only.


@J-boy: We'll keep each other updated ya, when we found our true love. Ok ?

@thompsonboy: Yup.

Aiks, we "young boys" ? Hmm, how old are you ?