Thursday, February 28, 2013

1. About having 30 followers in Twitter:

Well, I think only a handful of them are active in my Twitter-sphere. Half of the followers, I think are not from the country and they rarely interact with me in Twitter.

I think it's ok, as my main platform is still my blog.

2. About guys that I won't even consider:

This one really reveals my personal taste.

Generally I will not consider guys without principles in life - without career, still dependent on family, overly builds up his body (imagine Incredible Hulk) and obnoxious.

Lacking of personality can be a turn off as well.

Of course am not searching for the ultimate-perfect Prince Charming, but hey...

I have my preference too.


Ash Godiva said...

1 of the not active ones in your twitter is me.XD

well everyone have their own preferences:D

tuls said...

ei, i should do this too la, hahahahah.. when i got nothing to blog at least ada sikit input of what to write! :) you damn boomz.. but my followers lagi sikit daripadas you! :) lollllll

Chen Xing said...

@Ash Godiva: Hey, at least I still see you commenting on my entries.


@tuls: Fewer than yours ? Hehe, nut your blog followers are more than mine.