Monday, January 30, 2012

I yelled out "Oh Shit ! Oh Shit ! Oh Shit" while grabbing on to my friend's hand.

That was about nearly a year ago when I first encountered car accident. Something in which kind of major to me, and it's a lesson well learnt.

To be more careful when on the road.

With the above, I was sentenced to 1 month without the access to my car (as it's in the workshop) and resorted to public transportation in commuting to the office.

Few hours ago, it happened again. This time around it's not my fault and it's not my car. My mother's car, and I am feeling very bad right now. As I have caused her some trouble. Errands will not be completed without the availability of the car.

Here it goes, am still in Penang, and about to attend the state level Chinese New Year open house. On the way there, a bunch of teenagers drove out from the car-park area right next to the road. Of course them being them, they missed out on the sight that the car that I was driving was coming right through.

I'm coming from a straight road, the teenager was turning into the road. Of course it's not my fault.

The bumper got crashed, and pity that teenager, the radiator tank shattered to pieces due to the impact. We could see the water sprinkling out like a fountain.

In the end, he compensated and I will have to go through all the hassle to get the car fixed before I return to the city.

Fingers-cross, lets hope that the coming few days will be smooth and carefree.


*Sorry mum.


Leo Nut said...

Its just a series of unfortunate events la.. not your fault like you said. Good luck for your next few days.. ><!

tuls said...

sorry auntie...

Vincent~ said...

On the bright side, get ur mom's car number and buy toto. XD

soul232 said...

This time u had been careful. Good thing it was only the car and nothing happened to u

ooi2009 said...

tuls , sorry wat auntie ?and chen xing , ur cute la

Danny said...

i'm sure the good things are on their way..
cheers :)

savante said...

It happens! As long as you can all walk away, it's okay.

akaMike said...

ko lian tai.... hope things will be ok. take care.

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: New name again ? The past few days were great.


@tuls: Auntie acted cool, and very calm in handling the situation.

@Vincent~: I did, and I don't think so I strike.


@soul232: Yup.

@ooi2009: How can you tell I am cute or not ?

@Danny: Hopefully.

@savante: Correct. Perhaps I should learn to be a little less "hard-on-myself" when it comes to things like this.

@akaMike: Sent car to the workshop already. Will be fixed and ready by this Friday.