Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There's definitely an awkward moment just now, when he called.

Don't know why.

Expressing it out in words is way much more easier than talking on the phone. At least there won't be any pauses in between.

Gosh, now am feeling all the pressure if we are to meet face to face on an actual date.

So, back to today's entry which has got something to do with the above - I realized that there are actually 2 ways to go about this (this as in forming a relationship with the one):

1) Be in a relationship with him after convincingly knowing him inside out. In which, countless of dating session with him and each date you know more and more about him. Till you are ready.


2) Take a gamble to be with him. Day by day when you are with him you learn and understand more about him. Tolerate, give and take, and ultimately the love for him will grow even deeper.

That's my take, for now.

But then again, he mentioned to me before that he wanted to spark the sparks again. Getting back to the basic  in the dating field.

Oh well, lets hope that the spark lives on at least for a very long period of time.


soul232 said...

Take a gamble..It's make the love more priceless :)

akaMike said...

sounds exciting! :) Be it option 1 or 2, all the best Chen Xing! :D

tuls said...

i think of you too much till i call someone else CX.. shit.. hahahahaha... total blunder wtf!!!

ooi2009 said...

yeah total blunder tuls ....btw have u eaten tao at mutiara damansara , is it ok ?

Leo Nut said...

I would take 1.. Im terrified of taking risks now.. ><!

Twohornschild said...

Who is this "HE"? Is he the "He" you have been blogging about? "He" called you? I personally would always pick number 1. That's why i never had a Bf. lol...Anyway 1 or 2 the process are practically the same. As you have chosen 2, you try your super best but don't loose yourself okay?

viver said...

your mind tells you to choose 1 but your heart wants you to choose 2?

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: True.

@akaMike: Thanks Mike.

@tuls: Boomz, miss you too.


@Kaylex (CK): You mean, you took risk before and it didn't pay-off. Right ?

@two horns child: No he's not the guy whom I've been blogging the past year.

He's the new man in town. The 2012 guy.


@viver: Up till now, I am still clueless. It's like the selection changes from day to day.


Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: I thought your question was directed to tuls.

And if it's directed to me, then my answer is no.