Sunday, January 8, 2012

Every new year gives us a brand new hope. An opportunity for us to start anew with the things which we are not satisfied in the year before.

Mentally, I am refreshed.

Leaping into 2012 with some past purposely being left in 2011 and not going to mention it this year. As I ponder back on some selected entries which I have blogged about last year, it came to me that I am such a stalker-freak.

I am so obsessed with him, and I let the "love for him" hurt me so badly. It's as if 2011 blog entries plot revolves around him and me. And I wonder why it has such a huge impact on me, as in the very first place, we were never together in a relationship.

Oh well, that's love - and I am just human who can't really control my affection towards someone that strongly.

Physically, I am now preparing myself to have a thorough clean-up session to my room.

Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks away, and it's just a must to do the annual spring cleaning. Yes, am taking today to accomplish it. Let's pray that I will have the energy to carry on.

It's tiring, but then therapeutic at the same.


soul232 said...

It has huge impact b'coz that's what love does even if it just one-way :) Be happy that u aren't attached when it happens >.<

Clean ur room, invite the Lady of Luck in and lock her up ^.^

Leo Nut said...

Guess it impacts us so much because it fills our thoughts entirely..

Happy Cleaning!! Im gonna get a bag and throw everything away.. haha!

Danny said...

all the best with the scariest & most horrible task ( spring cleaning ) ;p..

tuls said...

boomz baby!! :)

akaMike said...

Looks like mentally, you've already done your spring cleaning hehe :)

Twohornschild said...

I have been trying to clean my room days ago. My hand is so heavy.

ooi2009 said...

i am not fit enuf to be ur bf ....

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: More to Master of Luck. Tied him up, and S&M all night long.

Lol !!!

@Kaylex (CK): Done with the cleaning already ?

@Danny: Have you done yours ? But then again, after the cleaning feel much better.

@tuls: Why "boomz" ? Hehe.

@akaMike: Thanks for dropping by to my blog.

Yup. I did.

@two horns child: Get the hourly maid to do it for you. At least you don't have to go put your energy to waste. But if it's like manageable on your own..then phase it out.


@ooi2009: Still waiting for your picture to my email inbox.