Thursday, January 19, 2012

So you got to know a guy, and you guys chatted for quite sometime.

It's like everyday.

Dusk till dawn, whenever there's nothing to do, you all will begin to text each other. Replies might be slow, you got anxious. Sometimes it's just a hour-to-hour updates, I am missing you and what you had for lunch/dinner. sweet.

Are you giving your love away too fast ?

2 weeks went on.

Of course in between, there were flirtatious text messages being thrown into the get-to-know-you session. It's like sex, without physical contact. You got all hyped up and erotic.

Suddenly, he sent over his naked picture.

To be precise, picture focusing at his tool.

Oh my, what to do, how to react ? We haven't even go out on a date.

Is he in just for sex, or in for real ?

*After reading this post, you will not look at banana the same way again.


tuls said...

its for sex... period. *shakes head*

CX, wake up!! *slap hard once at each side of the face with the piak piakk sound*


ooi2009 said...

i also think its sex , tuls and i shud know cuz we did it last nite !yeah

soul232 said...

If he sent u that pics, that is a really a call off for u. He aint gonna stay for long

Danny said...

hmm .. i think u can remove him from ur serious list lorr.. put him on top of ur fun list instead ( if u have that list la ) .. jangan ;p

chaiminhuei said...

Ditto all on top.

Vincent~ said...

sex. end of story

but to be fair, you guys did flirt with erotic msgs..... so cant really blame him if he took it the wrong way.

then again, i nvr actually flirt with erotic msgs.... so i dont know if its the norm or not -__-"

akaMike said...

well said Vincent - on your second point.

All I can say is "be careful". Getting physical and erotic too fast, especially if haven't even go out on a date - is driven more by lust. So again, "be careful" ;)

J-boy said...

well at least it's still in the early stages. Good to know now so you won't invest too much feelings.

But right, if you are attracted to him physically, i think the best response is to reply him a pic of your banana hahaha! If he's not in need for love, then you can have him for fun :P

Ash Godiva said...

it's too obvious,he's into fun

tuls said...

jboy ~ i can sense the slut in you very dominant leh.. hahahahaha... i like!!! lol

ooi2009 said...

tuls , i luv u

J-boy said...

hahaha tulsy i like how you say sense... like we are jedi.. U r Obi Wan, I'm Anakin muahahahahaha...

But really, usually when a guy sends me a pic of his tool, i think it's only polite if i send one back to him (provided that i'm attracted to him or his tool lah hahaha) :P

Leo Nut said...

Could be just for sex.. Reject him once and see how he reacts.. Then analyze further.. Dont be easy prey!! ><!

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Ouch, pain.


@ooi2009: So, does that implies that you are also in for sex only ?

@soul232: It was such a turn-off. That's my initial reaction looking at the pictures.

@Danny: I don't have a fun-list. But if I were to put him on that list, I think it will be very weird for me.

@chaiminhuei: Should I just drift away, slowly fades my presence from him ?

@Vincent: That's the thing, I am not sure for myself as well.

@akaMike: I am. Thanks.

@J-boy: As for now, still not worth putting my banana on his sundae.

Looks like he is going to get the banana spilt somewhere else.

@Ash Godiva: But then, I can still turn it the other way round right ?

Like put "fun" least of his priority and "getting to know me" at the top of his list.

@tuls & J-boy: Why suddenly so sci-fi in here ?

@Kaylex (CK): Exactly, I must not make it seems so easy to get.