Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Say it right to my face, if you care. Say it to me, if you dare.

After nearly a month of getting to know him session, I have decided not to pursue any more.

Don't get me wrong here.

 I am not sad nor depress. Only that, after evaluating each act and respond I think that he is not the right guy for me. There's just no chemistry between us.

Question is, how can I tell whether or not there's chemistry or not when we haven't really actually go out on a date together ?

Well, it's simple. First sight, first impression. And that's the lasting one.

If you look at him, and he doesn't attracts you, then why bother continuing with the next course of action ?

It's not that I never asked or gave him the opportunity to meet up, somehow he's kind of reluctant and "rejected" a couple of time. It's alright. It's all an experience, to gather it and to improve in making better choices in life.

Putting the meet-up aside, the countless blast of text messages that somehow being interpreted as "what couple would send" doesn't seem to be helping at all, and it has added confusion to my thoughts.

If we are not serious or even exclusive yet, then why bother.

Call me a diva-at-love, but I would rather be chased than to do the chasing at this phase.

If there's sincerely no one, then I wouldn't mind walking on my own runway in life.


ooi2009 said...

u sound so cute not cute ...

chaiminhuei said...

I read an article that its better to get out before a relationship starts if it is good but not great.

soul232 said...

seems like u had been the one that make the offer lately..not a bad things to be waiting this time :)

Danny said...

agree agree.. no need to waste time if cant really feel the chemistry..
and i'm sure thats lots of ppl waiting to chase ;p
just make sure u dun catwalk too fast ;p

akaMike said...

chemistry is important indeed. i always believe in that ;)

p.s. so you want to be chased? lol?!!!

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: I am not cute either.

@chaiminhuei: True, so that it won't hurt so much in the end.


@soul232: Yup.

@Danny: I know I walk fast, but I am used to the pace already.


@akaMike: P.s. Yes !