Friday, January 27, 2012

So, how's the Chinese New Year celebration going on ?

Yup, I am blogging quite early in the morning. Got a phone call by the client at around 8.30am and it made me got up and signed in to the office email.

Aiks, I mean I am still on my festive break and will only resume work mid next week. Can't they just liaise with my colleague or my manager ? Sigh, thank god nothing really urgent, just a couple of updates needed to be done for them.

As of yesterday, most of my relatives already went back to their respective home-town, and I am kind of wondering what to do today till mid next week.

Call out my friends and go hang out with them ? Or just stay at home and rest ?

As for now, I am jumping back to bed and try to fall asleep again.


soul232 said...

Continue sleeping and rest. No more chance after this =P haha

viver said...

atleast ur responsible enough to answer ur client's call while on break =)

Leo Nut said...

Do anything as long as it isnt job related. =D

ooi2009 said...

happy cny dear , and come jump into bed with me , but im having diarrhea ewww

akaMike said...

shoo!!! go and sleep :P sleep while you can hahaha!!! (but sounds so wasting time la hahaha!!!)

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: Yup. Enjoy while it last.

@viver: But then again, the client should be responsible enough to read the auto-reply email stating that I am on leave.

@Kaylex (CK): This is why I blogged about it right after settling the issue.


@ooi2009: Must be the food you had during the CNY breaks.

@akaMike: Oh no, I like to sleep. Will be putting my phone to silent mode. Don't want my sleep to be disrupted again.