Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mama once said "Don't put all your eggs in one basket".

How true the statement above, when it comes to love and relationship ?

Another close friend of mine just advised, "If you can spread your legs wide enough, you should consider casting your net even wider".

Truthfully, I would have to agree with what my deary friend of mine said.

Life is all about taking chances, juggling risk with reward. It's not only a battle of risk with something or someone, but at the same time you are eventually deciding for yourself.

Just like the entry which I have recently posted, I got a little uncertain whether to pursue or not.

The past weekend got me thinking, the guy never really says that we are exclusive, not even close of mentioning that we are in a relationship.

So, do I stop myself from being seen in the social-scene ? It's just so funny right now to come and think about the past one-week.

And ironically I just advised a friend of mine with the following, "When in doubt of making decision, perhaps the answer is no. Forgo it this time, and the opportunity will come again".

Catch me while I am still free.


soul232 said...

'..perhaps the answer is no' but what if the answer is yes and the opportunity never come again?

Leo Nut said...

I am exactly the same position as you.. We not not exclusive and all but we just go out alot..

One of the fav songs.. You have to forgive me.. =DD

chaiminhuei said...

Haha, your last statement is what I use when I shop. I have a small net too. >.<

Danny said...

both urs n ur fren's 'philosophy' is really useful..
why wait? cos i'll definitely ask.. so that we won't have to waste time n energy.. if no answer from him .. then follow ur advise lor :)

happy net casting :)

J-boy said...

Hmmm when i saw the line '..spread your legs wide enough...' i immediately thought it's a reference to getting fucked...

But i don't think that's the case here right... :P

Twohornschild said...

I HIGHLY agree with what you think. Seriously....there would be a mutual feeling that somehow tells you deep inside that it's okay to pursue. It's the sure feeling that assure you of the stability of your choices. Realistically speaking we know the answer all the time. We just dare not face the fact. It's the new age. Everything are well understood down right to the bones. "What if" is quite ancient.

ooi2009 said...

im like a bird!

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: I believe opportunity will always be there, and the difference would be the thrill & excitement.


@Kaylex (CK): So, what have you opted ? Care to advise me ?

@chaiminhuei: It's a versatile kind of advice.

@Danny: Casting now, but the weather is hot nowadays. All the ponds/lake/sea also drying up fast.

Do you have an aquarium for me to fish ?


@J-boy: Nope, I was actually implying to what's on your mind.

@two horns child: After thinking through for few days, am at least a little clearer now.

@ooi2009: What bird ? "Kukubird" ?

Lol !!!

Danny said...

my aquarium don't have fishes that u like la.. so sorry ;p