Thursday, July 14, 2011

And then few things to take note:

  • Do not leave valuable things on the passenger seat. Front or back, whatever it is don't make it visible.
  • Tint your car, put sunshades. Try to prevent people from looking inside.
  • Do not talk on the phone, driving or when stopping for the red light.
  • Be alert !!!

Last Tuesday evening, I left the office slightly a little later than the usual timing. It was the moment where, the day didn't really look like a day and the night didn't really look like a night. It was pretty much a transition from evening to night.

As usual, I was on the Sprint Highway. Stopped at the traffic lights near the Tropicana City Mall/Section 17 inter-junction. I called my friend for a quick chat while waiting for the light to turn green. Out of a sudden, I heard crashing sound and car honking.

I thought, shit ! I banged on something ? Someone got too close to my car. Scratches !!! I turned to the right, and oh my was I shocked and traumatized.

The car's window that was diagonally behind mine got smashed. Damn those two boys. They smashed the window and robbed that poor lady. I didn't really see whether they managed to haul something. But then, it was an eye opening moment for me.

I looked at that two devils as they rode passed my car. Eye to eye, I was terrified.

Swear to god, I'll avoid congested area and to drive swiftly.

People out there, just becareful when you are on the road.


ooi2009 said...

lalaal a

tuls said...

my car kena smash in marketplace! :(

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: -_-"

@tuls: I thought it's a paid carpark and got people to look after the space ?

Ellsworth said...

Tsk. Tsk. I feel so sorry for the lady. How could people do such terrible things? Yep, it's advisable not to put anything on the dashboard or the passenger seat. This, indeed, serves as a lesson for everyone.

-Ellsworth Mciltrot

Chen Xing said...

@Ellsworth: Yup, exactly.