Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This question comes every time when you step-foot into new surrounding, new environment.

This question is addressed by the new people with the curiosity to know about this new person in this very new place.

This question, if possible is something not to be uttered out.

This question, I'll tend to avoid when I was younger.

Like I said, people will still tend to ask whether you are gay or not no matter how obvious you are in terms of preference, behaviour and personality.

We can deduce into either they are plainly curious in a way that they want to understand the rainbow community or, the are just too busy-body with a tease in mind. Well honey, we can fuck the latter ones goodbye. As their hatred and the "uncomfortable" feeling is something that I can't control.

Sorry, for that I am being gay ?

I am glad in a way that, when the question is being asked, I tend to answer it without any filtering to my mind. I supposed the frequency of this question being asked makes me more open now to certain group of people, especially when we are all in an adult setting and ideally adult should just behave maturely.

So, this question sounds like this: Are you gay ?

The answer to this question: Fuck you. Hell ya I am !
And the answer can only be, you living true to yourself. Living to this fabulous life. The answer doesn't have to always be yes, nor you blanket it with no.

If you find yourself tired from answering, just get them to read between the lines.



Pluboy2 said...

Nicely said :)

And my answer to that is always a straight yes :)

J-boy said...

Surprisingly no one has asked me this question. Maybe I'm being too discreet hahaha :P

But I bet I'll surely get tongue tied if this question ever pops up. I guess it depends on who's asking..

tuls said...

so bold de Chen Xing! i like!!!

Leo Nut said...

I haven't been ask the question before too.. maybe they know.. lol

ooi2009 said...

are u gay ah

Deicidal said...

hmmm. i've never been one for labels. the irony is that i tend to stereotype anyway.

but my answer has always been: "if you have to ask...." or "don't ask questions you don't wanna hear the answer to"

Danny said...

luckily my working environment is dif.. all we ask is ' how gay are u' lol ;p

kee Chin Pang said...

haaha nice post!!!! i have been asking many times in my college life, they always busy body about my personal life=.= haiz i have no idea how to answer those "ba po". after i read ur blog i know how to answer them ald hahahha

Chen Xing said...

@Takashi: Hahaha..."straight" yes.


@J-boy: Certainly we'll just need to know what to answer when we are being asked. So, just prep a reply in mind just in case.

And like you said, true enough it all depends on who is asking us.

@tuls: No choice. Got to be strong and bold.

A little sign of weakness, people will then not respect you.

@Klex: Sometimes, even though they know, they will still tend to ask. Supposed that's a gesture of confirmation.

@ooi2009: Yes. Are you ?

@Deicidal: Hmm, what if it's just the answer of yes or no. Am pretty you say yes as the answer ?

@Danny: So, exactly how gay are you ? Gay-er than me ?

Lol !!!

@kee Chin Pang: Hahaha. Trust me that later on, they will not ask anymore.


Deicidal said...

Yes. :|

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: Lol..got to correct my reply.

CORRECTION: "Am pretty sure that you'll say yes as the answer ?"