Friday, July 22, 2011

In the competitive world of telecommunications, service providers are now
In the name of love, relationships are being formed. Two souls will be as one, together they overcome hardship so long that they are happy.

Passionate spirit to keep the love alive, romancing with each other as part of the journey.

But then again, be warned that keeping the relationship long lasting is not an easy task. You need to have a game plan in mind, strategically being drafted out by the couples. The do's and don'ts, trust, personal space and much more.

This is simply because you just can't barge-in into having one out of the ill desperation.

As much as me longing to have one, somehow I have decided to take a step back and just look things at a bigger picture.

Below would be what I have observed, and somehow managed to tie relationship-these-days with phone/internet packages or plans that are currently being offered in the market.

No contract.
Zero Deposit & Zero Commitment.
Just like the services being offered, people tend to have the mindset that if I am in love with someone, it will not have to be contractual. Particularly true for the rainbow people when there's no document to verify the bonding of two souls.

Without willingly to have the urge to be "contracted", it's alright for them to break-off at anytime as there's nothing to lose because there's zero commitment being poured upon the relationship.

Though some might argue that you must love someone willingly and the partner must not be overly controlling, a balance of both must be achieved in a relationship for them to stay in love.

As in one benefit is in favour to the other party, then it shows the not healthy sign in the relationship.

1) Do more in less time. 2) Pay only for what you use. 3) Stay connected from A to B.
If you were to compare to the other service provider, you can't really rush things when you are in a relationship. Same goes to those who wants to be in a relationship. Take things slowly, grow the relationship and be patience whenever possible.

Be reminded that you can't really do more in less time when it comes to the union of two souls.

And if you think that you are only going to be responsible for the other half simply because you feel that you owed him, then you guys are probably not in a relationship. Friends with benefit would be more likely.

Now, having the desire to stay connected with the partner all the time is always a good thing. Feeling of loving someone, wanting to be with them, and thinking of them 24/7 proves that you care for him/her and not that you are possessively obsess with them. But then think again, as staying connected from A to B seems to me like a cheating scandal.

If I love someone, there's no need for me to be connected to A and B. Just with that someone will do.

No frills. Need access, cheap and easy ?
There's one more insights to the relationship-these-days. Getting into one simply because they need a cheap and easy access. If you know what I mean, basically they just want to f*ck. And after that, they carry on with their life.

The conveniency of having the no-frills benefit only implies to that we'd only love or are in a relationship when we f*ck. We stay connected when the d*ck is in the the a**. Pardon the choice of words used as I may be a little harsh, but then that seems to be the reality to me.

So now, having to go through this lengthy review by me, may I kindly ask what plan are you currently subscribing to ? Or which plan you have decided to subscribe in the future ?


Deicidal said...

LOL I like the analogy.
So if I'm single... means got no plan ah, no phone line? :P

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: Err, probably still on the fixed land-line ?

Le Chatelier said...

I am using public phone at the moment. LOL~ Zero maintenance!

Chen Xing said...

@Le Chatelier: Lol, true enough there's no maintenance cost. But then you'll still need to pay in order to use it.